Pommama pregnancy retreat in the UK

Those who’ve been there know, 9 months of pregnancy could be the most stressful time of your life.  We all envisage long walks in the park, listening to classical tunes, admiring works of old masters – all these wonderful things to fill up your baby with calmness, beauty and grace.  Well, instead, most of us work till the last day, marathon around London getting nursery ready, get crazy with shopping for 1000 items newly born must have, ending up totally exhausted, stressed and confused.  Clearly, not the best state to meet your baby.

A couple of yoga sessions per week are sometimes not enough to outbalance the toll this takes on our bodies and minds (leaving aside growing life inside you!).  That’s where a bump retreat comes in:  above and beyond the daily yoga practice and meditation, it welcomes mums with healthy cuisine, total relaxation and pampering, inspiring natural surroundings and coaching sessions.  All this helps us to reconnect with our babies, recharge our batteries, get mentally and physically prepared to the most wonderful yet most difficult day of our lives.   

In an ideal world, we would like to whisk off our mums for couple of months or at least couple of weeks before the babies come in to properly enjoy what is most likely to be last ‘me’ time for quite a few years ahead.  If disappearing for that long is not an option, a weekend retreat could do the job and make a magical difference.

You may ask how? It gives you time to BE, time for you and your baby.  Pregnancy specific yoga classes, visualisation exercises, sound baths and guided walks are great options to deepen the unique connection with your baby.  It will give you calmness of mind and essential tools to keep calm at labour.

Weekend retreat allows not only to enjoy and relax but also provides mums with professional advice and support.  There is enough time for group and personal coaching, time to ask prenatal professionals any questions you have got and reflect on answers with other mums to be.  There is always something new and exciting in the field.  Do you, for instance, know, that specific food consumed while pregnant could increase your baby IQ?  But what’s more important after a bump retreat, you will feel confident that there is no right and wrong in pregnancy and motherhood.   Connected with your core and equipped with knowledge, you leave it confident and strong and even more excited to meet your baby!  (You will also feel blissfully relaxed and surrounded by new friends who are in the same boat.)

There are lots of talks on ‘mom-cations’ these days.  Psychologists recommend mothers to take solo breaks to improve their family relationships and their own well-being.  But we truly believe that ‘bump-cations’ and specifically bump retreats are equally important to set you up for a healthy and happy motherhood.

Pommama first pregnancy wellness retreat is taking place December 6-8th, in beautiful Combe Grove just outside of historical Bath.  Get in touch for further details and don't miss out!