At Pommama, our aim is to help you achieve harmony of mind, body and spirit during one of the most important private journeys of your life - pregnancy through to motherhood.

Pregnancy is probably the most profound psychological and physical transformation your body will undergo. As well as being a time of joy and delight, pregnancy can also be time of uncertainty and fear, not to mention physical discomfort and emotional adjustment. Our bespoke private prenatal yoga course - which is tailored to you as your body changes through different stages of pregnancy - has been designed by renowned international yoga teacher, wellbeing entrepreneur and mother-of-two, Mercedes Sieff.

The three-stage prenatal programme addresses many of the physical issues such as back pain and heavy legs using

sequences that are safe in an environment that is supportive and private.

What's more, because of prenatal yoga's unique focus on the breath - with its ability to connect mind and body - it can help you feel more at ease in your changing body and connected to your growing baby.

Overwhelmed with emotions of joy and happiness of bringing new life into this world, mums often find themselves in a vulnerable position of mixed feelings and confusion at this physically and emotionally demanding postnatal period.   Yoga could give you a great support at this time of change.  It can help you nurture yourself and your baby; regain physical strength and tone; learn how to relax deeply refilling energy drained by the lack of sleep. 

Reduces stress and anxiety

Helps ease physical discomfort of pregnancy

Improves posture

Develops and maintains strength and flexibility

Develops physical and mental strength

Speeds postnatal recovery