Whole Mama Yoga

What is Pommama ?

Looking for expert private pregnancy or postnatal yoga that fits into your schedule? Pommama is a network of yoga teachers in Central London bringing specialist ante and postnatal yoga to you wherever you are - at home, in the office, at any time of day.

Frustrated that pregnancy yoga classes always seem to be at an inconvenient time? Or that studios even in Central London are hard to get to and expert teachers tricky to find? So were we, which is how Pommama was born.

Finding quality, convenient pregnancy yoga class is one stress we can take off your plate. Simply book online or email booking@pommama.com. You can book either by teacher or by time slot. We're happy to receive bookings from your 14th week of pregnancy onwards.

Pommama provides private one-on-one pregnancy yoga classes of one hour, in your own home or workplace in Central London at a time convenient to you.

At Pommama, our aim is to help make your private journey through pregnancy a life-enhancing, enjoyable and empowering one - it's no accident that we chose the pomegranate, an emblem of fertility and prosperity, to symbolize what we do.

Often women come to yoga for the first time in pregnancy. Yoga is well known for bringing strength, calm and balance to body and mind and pregnancy is a time when we need these benefits more than ever. With Pommama we make sure that there's no trial and error involved in finding a good private class. We work together with dedicated and inspirational certified yoga teachers, who also have an additional pregnancy yoga qualification and are then trained to deliver our bespoke Pommama prenatal programmes.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a yoga newbie, our teachers will guide you through a yoga programme specific to your stage of pregnancy. All programmes are created by international senior teacher and wellbeing expert, Mercedes Sieff. When you book a Pommama session, you know you are getting the highest quality teaching and a consistent approach.

At Pommama we don’t leave our mums at labour.  We carry on with postnatal, mother and baby yoga and beyond.  We also teach kids now! 

On our website, we'll keep you constantly updated with news and opinions on all aspects of pregnancy - from nutrition to skincare, stress and shopping - from our panel of experts and selected partners.




Finding a good pregnancy yoga class that fits around your existing commitments isn't always easy. Travelling too can become less straightforward when you are pregnant. How much simpler is it for a teacher to knock on your door, with all the equipment you need, at a time to suit you?



We work with only fully-certified yoga teachers who have all undergone training in pregnancy yoga. In addition, Pommama teachers are all trained to deliver our unique ante-natal yoga programme, designed by renowned international yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff. The classes remain consistent, whichever teacher you book.



We don't believe that one size fits all. The Pommama yoga programme is, in fact, three separate sequences, depending on whether you are 14-22 weeks pregnant, 22-32 weeks or 32+ weeks. Our bespoke approach means you'll always get the best out of your prenatal practice.



Not everyone wants to share their pregnancy concerns in a class environment or listen to others discuss their private issues. With a one-to-one teacher, you are assured discretion and a safe environment in which to share your concerns. Our personal approach ensures that the teacher can tailor the practice to your specific needs.