With a network of yoga teachers across central London, Pommama provide female focused yoga sessions to support busy lifestyles and demanding careers of women like us. We have taught you at home for over 3 years and are now thrilled to launch our new programme Mums @ Work and bring yoga to your workplace. If you are working from home we teach team Zoom classes so that you can still practice together with your colleagues.

Supporting women at work becomes of prime importance today. Whether you are back in the office or working from home, home schooling kids, or not able to see your loved ones, the pressure has been mounting up this year putting a strain on our wellbeing and livelihood of our families. Yoga can bring the balance back to your life. And we all know a happy mum means a happy family!

We also believe that employee engagement in wellbeing is key to a successful business; the benefits of wellness

practices in the office & workplace are enormous. Reduced stress and improved health equate to greater creativity and productivity. Considering the improvements made to the health and well-being of a workplace, and the amount of time we spend working, it makes lot of sense to foster workplace wellness programs.

We are happy to discuss with your bosses or HR why introducing wellness programmes in your company will make any business more attractive to progressively minded employees, increase their motivation as well as cut down medical and absenteeism costs.

We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, founded on yoga, but developed through mindfulness, stress relieve practices and home retreats. Get in touch on and we can help your workplace become happier and healthier!

Keep the team together

Reduce levels of stress

Improve strength and flexibility

Increase productivity and creativity

Get rid of aches and pains

Improve the mood