Stop us if we've told you, but pomegranate seeds are said to represent a like-minded group of people; and with that in mind we'd like to introduce you to some trusted experts to help you on your pregnancy journey.

Hypnobirthing & Me

Elida is a Mum to two little girls and used hypnobirthing for both her labours. Hypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical and very effective. It is a complete antenatal education which allows women to go into labour feeling empowered, aware of their options and therefore in control of their own birth experience. It is about focusing, breathing, visualising and working with your body to do exactly what it is designed to do. Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner the tools for the best birth for you whatever that might be and I can safely say hypnobirthing will make a difference.

The bump class

Fun, informative, down-to-earth antenatal classes run by Marina Fogle and her sister Dr Chiara Hunt, authors of The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Harmony At Home SW London

Allie Bell has worked with Harmony at Home Maternity since October 2011. Allie trained as a Norland Nanny and is very passionate about premier childcare. After working as a Norland Nanny for a number of years, Allie now enjoys making the perfect match for families. To contact Allie Bell please call: 07766 202071 or email