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Delivery Bag Check List

Nothing is more complicated than packing your hospital bag, ok may be labour itself. My Birth Box shares with us their special Delivery Bag Check List with carefully selected essentials to save you the headache. You have other things to worry about now!

for the second trimester

We at Pommama believe that yoga is a great tool to guide you through pregnancy keeping your body and mind in balance. Maria speaks to Yoga Magazine on yoga for the second trimester.

does yoga become mainstream

With an increasing amount of women turning to alternative methods of medicine and exercise, practicing pregnancy yoga becomes more and more mainstream day by day. Maria Kondrashova speaks to Om Magazine


We talk to yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff, creator of the three-stage pregnancy yoga method rolled out by our Pommama teachers

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Yoga to reduce stress

Just one of the benefits shown by the study of Manchester University was that a single session of yoga reduces anxiety by 1/3 and stress hormone levels by 14%.

My Birth Box

Dear mums! We are happy to introduce Mybirthbox. They offer lovely cotton canvas bags of birth essentials, treat boxes of pampering goodies or the option to build your own bag. Pommama girls are getting 10% off basket total on checkout, just quote POMMAMA to get your discount. Enjoy your shopping!

new teacher

We are happy to welcome Lynley Middlemiss to our team! She is an amazing teacher and a great mum, don't miss her class!

teachers needed

The world went pregnant and we are loving it with an increased demand for our Pommama pregnancy yoga teachers. We are expending our great team, so get in touch if you are keen to bring health and happiness to London mums-to-be and love being a yoga teacher.

10% off on all classes

As you are settling back in London getting back to your routine, don't forget to include yoga in! As our little back to school present we would like to offer you 10% of on all class bookings for the rest of September.

30 minutes each day

Health professionals recommend that all pregnant women should aim for at least 30 min exercise every day - yoga is great way to start. We at Pommama are happy to help you get your yoga routine sorted!

By Popular Demand

Yoga is becoming more mainstream by day. Don’t miss our article in pregnancy special in OM Magazine this September

Prenatal yoga benefits

IN THE PRESS: 5 ways prenatal yoga benefits your physical and mental health. Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to support you throughout each trimester right through to labour, here's how. Read us on

Benefits of pregnancy yoga

IN THE PRESS: As well as being a time of joy and delight, pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and fear, not to mention physical discomfort and emotional adjustment. The good news is that incorporating regular pregnancy or prenatal Yoga sessions into your week can be a key factor for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Read the full @

Borne charity team has reached north pole

A great team of people has recently reached North Pole in support of Borne, a medical research charity working to stop premature birth. We are so proud of the team!


Here’s What Mommies-to-Be Need to Know About Doing Yoga During Pregnancy. Pommama leading teacher Maria Monakhova shares her tips

New Class at Seraphine

We are so excited about Pommama first pregnancy yoga class @Seraphine on Kensington High Street. Join us on the 27th of June at 9:30. Email to secure your free space, availability is limited. See you on the mat!


With an increasing amount of women turning to alternative methods to help them not only prepare for labour but to stay connected, calm and in tune during their pregnancy, the benefits of pregnancy yoga are becoming more and more mainstream day by day.

At Balance Festival

London wellness scene is getting better by day. Feeling inspired at Balance festival. And once again the general advice of leading wellness experts is keep moving, keep training, keep the flow when pregnant!

Pommama team grows well

What a great day meeting new teachers to join Pommama family. Inspiring, talented and devoted to helping women through this life transforming experience of pregnancy!

Online booking launched

After months and months of hard work we have launched Pommama online registration and booking system. Booking your yoga class was never this easy!

Keep your gorgeous baby bump supported

With so many changes happening to your body it’s important to feel good about yourself and good about the way you look – and that means feeling confident and stylish when you stay active. Fittamamma talks to us about pregnancy fitnesswear.


Dear Moms! There should be more than one day each year to thank you for all that you do! For endless love and support! May your days be filled with happiness, beauty and love.

Essential oils: how to use them and what to avoid.

As we started to talk about pregnancy stress and ways of overcoming it and about essential oils, that could help mummy-to-be’s to maintain their mental and physical heals, we feel that we must remind you that the essential oils’ routine can be introduced only after the 13th week of pregnancy. ⠀ Less is more - always use essential oils with carrier oil (almonds, coconut, hemp etc) and 1% dilution. When using diffuser, keep it on for no longer than 15 minutes. ⠀ And, as promised we’ve gathered a list of the oils that you better stay away from whilst carrying the baby: ⠀ Wormwood Wintergreen Tonka Thyme Tansy Savory Savin Sassafras Rue Rosemary Parsley Origanum Nutmeg Mustard Mugwort Melilotus Juniper Berry Hyssop Horseradish elecampane Deertongue Costus and Coriander

organic essential oils for pregnancy

During pregnancy, aromatherapy is a great support in dealing with some of the unpleasant symptoms: stretch marks, swelling, fatigue, headaches and nausea. Plus beautiful rituals along with the lovely aromas are able to keep your positive attitude (even if it feels you are as big as submarine) ⠀ There’s a vast variety of the organic essential oils on the market. Some of them are perfectly safe, others - are to avoid during pregnancy (we shall publish the list of them this Friday) But the main thing you need to remember, experts recommend not using any of them in the first trimester of pregnancy. You can introduce essential oils into your daily (or weekly routine) starting from the 13th week. ⠀ These are the 5 best essential oils for pregnancy: ⠀ 1.Eucalyptus. This oil is fabulous if you fell a bit cold and can easily relieve the symptoms of respiratory congestion. Other than that - eucalyptus acts as an antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. ⠀ 2. Lavander. Relieve the pain, reduce water retention, renders great feeling of calm relaxation and keeps you balanced ⠀ 3. Neroli. This oil is a great help for those who suffer from anxiety or pregnancy nerves by keeping you calm and relaxed. Moreover, Neroli boosts the regeneration of skin cells. ⠀ 4.Ylang Ylang is not only a potent aphrodisiac, it has a unique ability to lower blood pressure and to comfort women roar feel tense or stressed ⠀ 5. Orange oil - all-time winner to make you feel happy, uplifted and calm.

Milk Bath Magic

While hydrating yourself all over these last weeks of winter don’t forget not only to drink enough water, but to look after your skin. There is a vast variety of cosmetic oils and creams, masks and lotions available. But achieving a true luxury effect is actually very simple: ⠀ Picture - bath, candles, petals and … milk! In fact milk is truly a wholesome moisturiser with water, fat and proteins that can replenish the lost natural moisturising factors of dry skin type. Milk lightens your skin by promoting the shedding of pigmented skin cells, reducing dark spots and dark patches. Milk soothes sensitive skin and calms redness and irritation, plus gives an instant relief from itching condition. ⠀ Pamper yourself with a home-based spa: Warm water and a pint of warm milk. Add oats for extra softness or use eucalyptus leaves and stems for total relaxation. ⠀

Stay hydrated !

Mild dehydration is a most common condition for everyone by the end of winter: we’ve survived the luck of sun-light, got over some colds and flues, battled the weather outside and dry heated air inside the buildings. Our bodies are tired, but the simplest way to get yourself to spring in a happy-bunny mode is to drink enough liquids. Needles to say Pregnant women’s bodies need even more fluid during these times. And if you, like us getting tired of drinking plain water, we suggest making your own flavoured drinks full of vitamins: You will need jug, litre of water and whatever you decide to add. ⠀ *Mock Mojito - handful of mint springs and one lime ⠀ *Cherry-Berry bomb: 10-12 cherries sliced in half plus 5-6 sliced strawberries ⠀ *Cucumber and Water Melon splash: 1/4 cucumber sliced and 10-15 cubes of watermelon ⠀ *Lemon Zinger: 1 sliced lemon, 1/2 sliced grapefruit and dash of cayenne pepper ⠀ *Orange you happy: half of orange, sliced and 1 tablespoon of shredded unsweetened coconut ⠀ You can keep your water cool in a fridge for a day, just don’t forget to take it out for drinking occasionally. ⠀

Best ways to strength your immune system during pregnancy

Nobody looks forward to catching winter coughs and colds but for pregnant mums, it’s even more important to strength your defences. ⠀⠀ While regular exercise and getting a good night sleep can help boost your immunity, what you eat can make a big difference too. In addition to taking prenatal supplements (such as folic acid) pregnant women are advised to eat plenty of fruit and veg - and getting your five a day is even more important as winter approaches.⠀ 1.Snack on almonds. Nuts are packed with health benefits – but almonds are the ones to choose if you want to keep colds and flu at bay, according to a recent study. Almonds are also rich in manganese, riboflavin, and copper, which aid in energy production, as well as calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen bones and teeth.⠀⠀ 2. Get the sunshine vitamin. Pregnant women are advised to start taking vitamin D supplements as soon as they know they are expecting. As well as being essential for good health, the ‘sunshine’ vitamin is thought to help ward off colds and flu by boosting the immune system.⠀ 3. Don’t forget your zinc. A recent study found that people who took zinc lozenges as soon as cold symptoms started recovered faster than those who did not. Zinc is found naturally in many foods, including dairy products, some shellfish, beans, nuts and bread and cereal products, such as wheat germ.

Happy yoga Valentine's

Everyone wins from a little more lovin' in their lives. The benefits of yoga go above and beyond mental, spiritual, and physical. Use yoga to transform the way you see and feel in your body. Let your practice deepen your knowledge of love and enrich your ability to share it with your partner. We wish you to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of the year!

4 ways to start building your relationship with a baby long ago before giving a birth.

To help prepare for your new life, spend a little time bonding with your unborn baby when you can. 1. A soothing way to reach out to your baby is to gently massage your belly. This is safe to do after the first three months of pregnancy, and it's a great way to relax and wind down. Use aromatic massage oils to turn this process to the beautiful ritual.⠀⠀ 2. Sing and talk to your baby The theory suggests that the reason your baby’s hearing is so well-developed in the womb is to help him or her start to bond with you. After birth, your newborn may love to hear your voice more than any other. 3. Have a bath It's also a great chance to devote some attention to your baby. Just make sure the water's not too hot. Light some candles and play soft music in the background relax and take a few minutes to visualise yourself holding him or her. Imagine what your baby might look like and how that first cuddle might feel. 4. Keep a scan picture of your baby close by - it is a constant reminder that your bump is home to a little person. 5. Go for a walk. It's great exercise and easy to fit into your daily routine, even if you're working. Going for a stroll gives you space to think about your baby without too many distractions or interruptions. You can even have a discreet chat with your bump as you go. 6. Respond to your baby's kicks It is about as close as you will get to two-way communication before he or she is born. And you can do it at any time, wherever you are. Rub your bump when your baby moves and you may find that she kicks back at you. There's nothing quite as exciting as feeling your baby respond to your touch for the very first time.

A great weekend with legendary Petros

What a great weekend with legendary Petros. Liberating, uplifting, inspirational. Full of compassion, love and beauty. With open mind and mindful openness Pommama is ready for much more than another week!

Beating flu and cold with Ayurveda.

Winter brings Christmas holidays, presents, fun and …flu. If you find yourself sniffling, sneezing, or coughing try these all-natural remedies from Ayurveda. Flush out toxins. Drink lots not just any fluid, but lots of HOT water. 1. Is easier for the body to absorb than tepid or cold water 2. Flushes out immunity-compromising toxins from your system 3. Hydrates your mucus membranes, loosening mucus 4. Pacifies the dry, cold vata dosha with its hot, hydrating properties. At the first sign of a cold, start sipping hot water every 10 to 15 minutes for three days. Gargle with salt water. It loosens excess mucus and removes bacteria and fungi from the throat. Inhale with ginger-infused steam to reduce sinus and lung congestion. Bring 1 teaspoon of ginger in 1 pint of water to boil. Once the water cools a bit, drape a towel over your head, and inhale the steam through your nose for several minutes. Repeat as needed.

Meet You on the Yoga Mat

Seems like holidays are ages away. Routine’s taking over, and we find ourselves rushing and worrying again.
At Pommama we believe that festive mood and happy mind are in our hands. Or, to be precise, on the yoga mat.
Relax, go with the flow, chill and find your tranquility again!

New Year's Resolutions - Yoga Style

Get yourself ready for the successful 2018. Clear your mind - Find all the bad thoughts that bothering you, write them down and lock away! Clear your house - there’s nothing better than the fresh air and organised space. Perfect for meditation Clean yourself. Not like you normally do it, but turn it in a special ritual with the aroma candles, aromatic oils and ambient music Prepare yourself for all good things that will happen in 2018. And dream big!

Pommama Beyond Central London

Pommama Yoga Classes take place in Central London. But we are more than happy to welcome clients from all over the world! American Health and Wellness blogger and beautiful mummy-to-be Jocelyn Steiber (aka @chicandsweaty ) recently visited London and shared a Pommama session with her friend: “We LOVED the class today!  Nice and relaxing-- just what we needed.
Thank you so much
x Jocelyn”

Off to Cape Verde

To reflect on the past year, make new plans, avoid Xmas hustle and ok have a little well-deserved break after the launch Pommama heads to the islands of Cape Verde. Moonlike landscapes and deserted beaches of Sal are perfect for meditation and refocusing.

Have you chosen a name for your little one yet?

The most popular boys' and girls' baby names of 2017 in the UK have been revealed by BabyCentre, with Olivia holding on to the top spot for yet another year. Muhammad tops the list for male moniker's, beating former winner Oliver. So, for TOP-5 among most popular names for girls: Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, Lily and Emily. For boys: Muhammad, Oliver, Harry, Jack and George.

Are you still deciding if prenatal yoga is good for you?

There are 6 reasons to say YES to yoga flow! Prenatal yoga reduces stress and anxiety, it helps ease physical discomfort of pregnancy, improves posture, develops and maintains strength and flexibility. Prenatal yoga also develops physical and mental strength and speeds postnatal recovery.

When was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat?

It’s recommended to do so after every class to avoid allergens and millions of bacteria. For making a mat cleaner spray by yourself you need: small spray bottle, distilled or spring water with 2 drops of tea tree essential oil or 2 drops of lavender oil. Optional you can add a half-spoon of white vinegar for extra antiseptic effect. If you are not a fan of tea tree oil you can use another antibacterial oil like lemongrass, eucalyptus or peppermint. In the end of the day, aroma that stays on your mat should match your mood and follow your senses.

PREGNANCY YOGA - where is Level 1-2-3?

Maria Kondrashova, founder of Pommama, speaks to OM Magazine about the importance of tailoring yoga practice at pregnancy

Can Prenatal Yoga Reduce Labour Pain?

Are you worried about painful labor? It’s the most common fear mummy-to-be’s experience during pregnancy. Meanwhile, prenatal yoga can help reduce labour pain and ease delivery.