We’ve been working really hard shifting Pommama from pregnancy yoga story into WHOLE MAMA yoga hub.  We felt leaving mums at birth is not fair and started teaching postnatal leading to ongoing support to our mums through motherhood.  I have also started teaching kids and it is amazing to see how my own little yogi is progressing!

At Pommama we aim to care about our mums all the way from conception into motherhood supporting them at every step of this incredible journey. It is also a great pleasure seeing a growing number of happy and healthy Pommama babies. At the same time, we don’t want our mums to stop receiving amazing benefits of yoga. Yoga could give you a great postnatal support, helping you nurture yourself and your baby; regain physical strength and tone; learn how to relax deeply refilling energy drained by the lack of sleep.  But most importantly, postnatal yoga helps you to accept your new role, accept your changed body, accept the ups and downs that go together with motherhood. Yoga also helps you to become closer to your baby and build strong bonds for the rest of your lives.

Being a mum in a busy London environment adds additional pressures; yoga is a great tool to strengthen body and keep your spirits up on and off the mat.  We are thrilled that Pommama has evolved into Wholemamayoga caring for London women at any stage of their lives.  With any classes we do, our teachers come to your home or office at your convenience to accommodate your schedule.

Yoga is also an incredible practice that children at any age can enjoy alongside their mums or friends. Introducing yoga from early years could help your child to be calm and content from breakfast till bedtime. Kids yoga and mindfulness give children positive skills to manage their feelings, increase confidence and concentration levels, improve their imagination, self-expression and creativity. It is also great fun and physical play! Pommama loves teaching kids, we tailor our classes to kids' age, group sizes and locations.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on Pommmama mat soon!