how it works

What is Pommama?

We are the only at-home pregnancy yoga service in London connecting you with top private teachers. All our teachers follow the same programme, designed by a renowned yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff. The programme comprises three separate sequences tailored to different stages of pregnancy: 14-22, 22-32 and 32+ weeks.

How it works

Each class lasts 60 minutes and is bookable from the 14th week of pregnancy onwards. You can book by time or request specific private teacher. The teacher will arrive with a yoga mat should you need one. Please wear comfy, stretchy clothes.

Who are the teachers?

We work with only fully-certified yoga teachers who have all undergone training in pregnancy yoga. In addition, Pommama private teachers are all trained to deliver our unique antenatal yoga programme.

Who is it not suitable for?

Any woman who has not yet reached 14 weeks of pregnancy.
Please check with your GP before booking a private class, if you have any of the following conditions or unsure about whether pregnancy yoga is suitable for you.

History of miscarriage and/or bleeding


Placenta previa

Pelvic girdle pain (PGP)/ Pubic dysfunction

Known breech

How do I book?

Classes are bookable by time and date.
You can book online via our website or by emailing us on 

Where do we teach?

We are currently teaching in Central London.  If there is no Pommama yoga in your area, please email to and we’ll do our best to send one of our teachers over.

Simple pricing

Single class: £100
10-class pack: £900 (saving £100)

Why the 10-class pack?

Our three pregnancy yoga programmes are tailored to three stages of pregnancy: 14-22, 22-32 and 32+ weeks. We recommend at least one class a week plus couple of extras (on a week you are feeling great) per stage to get the most out of your Pommama experience.

Can I share my class with a friend?

You can share your class with girlfriends, however you do all need to be in the same stage of pregnancy as the teacher will deliver a stage-specific class. Please contact customer services for a class of more than one person.